In order to reach the largest potential audience, your company needs to be active on multiple social media platforms. It’s tempting to post the same content to every platform to reduce your workload. However, to achieve the most benefit from social media, content should be adapted for each platform. Here are some tips to post the right content to the right platform every time.

Social media content should be engaging and shareable. What engaging and shareable content looks like varies for each platform, since each has a different audience of users and purpose that those users engage with the platform.


About one-third of the world’s population uses Facebook every month. Given this incredible number of active users, knowing what to post on Facebook to drive engagement is critical. Videos and pictures garner the most attention on this platform. When posting videos, embed the video rather than posting a link. As viewers spend more time engaging with your post, the Facebook algorithm will push it out to more users.


LinkedIn is considered more professional and business-oriented than other social media platforms. Your business should share professional and educational content that is related to your business or industry. Infographics perform well on linked in, as well as longer written content. When posting to LinkedIn, the summary is the first impression of your content. Creating a compelling summary that promises a specific benefit for engaging with the content will help it perform well.


This visual platform has a younger demographic with 60% of users between the age of 18-29 years old. Post behind the scenes stories and beautiful product images perform well on this social media platform. Sharing user-generated content on Instagram is another great strategy to grow your audience on the platform while reducing your content creation workload.


Twitter is a fast-moving platform that favors quick updates and news postings. You can use Twitter to highlight important messages in blog posts or other social media posts. Keep in mind that Tweets have a relatively short lifespan. Feel free to post multiple times a day, choosing a new quote from your post each time you promote it on Twitter.

In order to maximize engagement on social media platforms, you should be adapting each piece of content for the platform and audience. Many users may follow your business on multiple social media accounts, so ensure that each post is consistent with your brand message and voice.